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Simply Divine Cabo can help so many in so many ways. If you need assistance with any decorating, large or small, home or office, resort or hotel, at any time of the year, Simply Divine Cabo can help. We are big enough to handle any job and are local enough to care! And of course, we always carry fun and innovative women’s clothing and jewelry as well as unique “beachy” items, so there is something for everyone! We are excited to be here in gorgeous Cabo and we look forward to working with all of you in business and getting to know you all as friends and acquaintances.

“Where Your Cabo House Becomes Home”

About Us

Diane and I first came to Cabo in 1999 and like so many Americans, we instantly fell in love with Cabo and decided early on we’d love to spend more time here, one way or the other!

Diane & Rob, Owners

Diane has been a designer quite literally her entire adult life; from designing and making clothes for our two daughters using a paper sack as a pattern, to creating fun and adorable home knick knacks to creating gorgeous weddings and many things and business ideas in between! (Ok I am a bit biased, I am her husband, but trust me, this girl is talented!)

Simply Divine Cabo is the culmination of a life’s work for Diane and me. Diane has extensive experience in importing, designing, home decorating and so much more. Her talent for knowing what works, what looks best, what will work in form and function is legendary in our American home town of Ellensburg, Washington.

Simply Divine Cabo will include fashionable but affordable clothing, jewelry, high-end artificial houseplants and many and varied home decor’ pieces. The showroom is fascinating, beautiful, relaxing and inviting.

This is our passion and our dream come true. We are excited to meet you!

Our Business

Simply Divine Cabo wants to be your Home Decor’ importer of choice for the Greater Cabo and San Jose region. We have been importing from China for more than 15 years. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the personnel to handle any and all jobs; big, bigger or huge!

Our freight forwarders are located here in Cabo San Lucas and are THE Baja import specialists. We have two employees in Hong Kong with extensive experience in Chinese culture, one of whom speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin giving Simply Divine Cabo unmatched access and control. These employees, Ricky and Chona, are available to work quality control at our carefully and personally chosen factories. We will visit China at least twice per year, usually in October and April, so sourcing is never a problem.

Direct factory importer

The options and possibilities are quite literally unlimited and best of all there is no middle step in the importing equation. Simply Divine Cabo is the direct factory importer which will provide your organization with the best possible pricing structure.


Simply Divine Cabo is big enough to handle any and all import needs, big or small. We also know some local businesses may not need large orders but rather may be in need of somewhat smaller, more individualized and customized orders. Either way and especially for you smaller businesses, Simply Divine Cabo can be your distributor/wholesale contact of choice.

We also have the means to custom design many of our items to your specific needs. For example, with our extensive collection of high end indoor houseplants, we can tailor a combination of pots and plants to meet with your specific wants. We do some amazing work with our highest quality artificial flower components to create custom wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and an amazing array of arrangements. Just ask us, we will try our very best to exceed your wildest expectations!

Contact any of us to begin utilizing Simply Divine Cabo as a key wholesale partner in your business today!


One of our original motivations to open Simply Divine Cabo was what we saw as a lack of available quality Christmas decorations. There seemed to be scant little to choose from and what was readily available simply did not meet our level of expectations in quality, variety and value.

Christmas is our favorite time of year. Its a time of gathering, celebrating, contemplating, worshiping and yes, it should be a time of over the top decorating too! Simply Divine Cabo is a tremendous resource for your Christmas decorating needs. You’ve just never seen anything quite like what we are able to do for Christmas décor. It is truly amazing and inspiring. Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, some as large as six feet in diameter, garlands, gorgeous centerpieces, and much more.

Let us be your Christmas décor helper!




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